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Sweetheart Deal!
Non Proofed Portraits Save 50%
No-Proofing, your portrait ships super fast ...
in time for Valentines Day

small 12 x12
Stretched Painterly style
$140 ( reg. price $280)

large 24 x 24
Stretched Painterly style
$242.50 ( reg. price $485)

Let me Off-leash with my creativity & you save money!
#1 This is a "non proofing" sale .... Your painterly style portrait will be created then printed and shipped to you asap. You will not be sent my standard page of 14 proofing choices ( that takes tons of time ) ... I will just do my very best work and then ship it out to you. Before I start working I will send you a link to a design survey and you will have the ability to request specific colors and tell me a little about your taste.
The snapshot that you e-mail to us must be minimum of 500KB.
PLEASE NOTE: This is for one subject, one pet. You may order multiple portraits however only one pet per canvas.

#3 You must use the buy it buttons above for this sale, or you can call me at
214-321-1150, by 5:00 p.m. to place your order. SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT 1/30/2015

All sales are final. No refunds.

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