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Designer Bedrooms

The bedroom is the perfect place for custom pet art. The bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to special furnishings and design budgets. Why should we neglect the space where we spend one third of our lifetime? An Art Paw portrait is the perfect design accent for your bare walls.

Resting Pit bull
Red and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel and that means that they make each other pop. This belly up doggy named Gigi looks great in this richly saturated room. When choosing background colors for your portrait think about picking up colors that are in your accessories. The red and golds in these throw pillows look great with this painterly portrait.

Portrait: GiGi

designer dogs

designer dogs

Cockers on Nouveau Vintage Pattern
The wonderful ornate pattern in the Burgundy background of our cocker portrait is echoed in both the rug and throw pillow in this room. When mixing patterns the important thing to remember is to choose patterns that are similar in both style and texture.

Portrait: Mija & Bella

Green Green Green
The 3 small 8x8 prints shown here are actually artistic crops taken from a larger portrait piece. They make an interesting grouping. We could also have grouped 3 different pets together and created their portraits in the same color scheme.

Portrait: Fannie

designer dogs

Cool Cat Art
The cat room is all about blending patterns. This bedroom would be great for a sophisticated young lady and would also work well as a guest room. The 24 x24 canvas cat print has a rich pattern in the background that works well with the pillows and overall color scheme in this bright and cheery room.

Portrait: Xena

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Art Paw designer showrooms have been created for your inspiration and to give you ideas for your space. These are design comps created from some of our favorite works, actual print sizes may vary depending on your personal space needs.

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