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pet gift registry

We can place your pet's art work on T-shirts, coffee mugs, clocks, canvas totes and more. If you are ordering a pet portrait and would like us to create a special product page using your pet's art, just circle "yes" on your order form where we ask if you want a complimentary gift shop page. We will design a web page of assorted goodies with your pet's art on them. This page will remain in our gift gallery and any of your pet's buddies can shop for presents for you at anytime. We like to think of it as a "Pet Gift Registry". Who knows, your pet could develop a cult following or even become a web celebrity like Atticus.

If you have previously ordered a portrait and would like us to create a gift shop of your pet's artwork, please send us an email at Please include your name, your pet's name and breed (if applicable) and, if you remember, the month and year your portrait was created.

10% of our proceeds from these items are donated to
local rescue groups.

*Please note that we cannot create a custom gift shop page unless you have ordered a custom portrait.


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