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About our favorite pet charities/

We work with a variety of local Dallas groups such as Operation Kindness by donating Gift Certificates for silent auction events. We are currently designing the website for a new group called City Pet Rescue. We have also donated to Pic-A-Pal, Peta, the Dallas Museum of Art, Taca, North Texas Scottie Rescue, and a variety of other groups.

We get hundreds of requests every year for donations to a wide variety of pet charity events. We try to help whenever we possibly can. Due to the overwhelming quantity of requests we have had to institute a policy of restricting the amount of monthly art donations to six and we ask that people send us written requests on their groups' official letterhead along with information regarding their nonprofit status. Donation requests for upcoming events should be sent 8 weeks ahead of time to the following address:

Art Paw / Donations
P.O. Box 181085
Dallas, TX. 57218-1085

We do not require a web link, or newsletter mention in trade for a donation, however such reciprocal support will always get our attention. We do prefer to work with groups that are seeking to form long term supportive relationships with their sponsors. If you would like to follow up with us after mailing in your request call Rebecca at 214-321-1150 or email her at artpawcharity@sbcglobal.net.

Beginner Tips for Getting Charity Donations:

#1 Seek out businesses that you feel your group would really relate to. When looking for artist donations find an artist that has a style of art that you would want to hang on your walls. In addition to searching the web, be sure and look in your own backyard and seek out local companies that may have the most to gain from a presence at your event.

#2 When approaching a company with your hand out for a donation be two steps ahead and place a link on your web site to their site. Most companies give a high priority to groups that demonstrate a willingness to support them as well. Let them know you really like their services or product and are already telling your members about it. This lets them know that you are not just sending out blanket e-mails to hundreds of contacts, but have indeed selected them because you like their product.

#3 Make a list and follow up with phone calls when someone agrees to donate. Often small business owners need a little extra push to follow through due to the demands of juggling a heavy personal work load. Help them help you by following up, you will not be viewed as pushy. By following up with your contacts you will be seen as organized and aggressive in championing your cause.

#4 If you use e-mail in your search for sponsors be sure and place your rescue group's web address in your signature and keep your site up to date and working well.

#5 Thank you notes after your event are a nice touch and a smart move for next year. Let people know how much your event raised to help the animals, as that is what it is all about. By doing this you will help your chances of getting repeated donations and your list of sponsors and supporters will grow each year.

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