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Art Paw's Warhol Style
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This pop art style references the works of Andy Warhol. This style can be created with bright or subtle colors. The 3 and 4 panel options are the most popular and yet we can do single panel or even 6 or 8 panels. Unlike many studios we do not charge by the panel so let your imagination run wild.

tabby cat photo
Original Photo
tabby cat pop art
11 x 14"
bulldog photo
Original Photo
bulldog art
16 x 20"
boston terrier photo
Original Photo

boston terrier warhol art
Fenway Charlie
18 x 24"

whippet photo
Original Photo

whippet art
12 x 36"

tabby cat photo
Original Photo



tabby cat warhol art
Mr. Zane
24 x 24"

italian greyhound photo
Original Photo
italian greyhound art
24 x 36"
english bulldog photo
Original Photo

english bulldog art
34 x 34"

**Any of the sizes above may also be ordered in our one-panel version, as shown below:

May be ordered with a variety of pattern backgrounds, or a solid color

cat pop art
dog pop art
cat pop art dog art

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