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beagle art



cat portrait

lab art

Art Paw's Painterly Style
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This fine art style does not use actual oil paints, but instead incorporates hand-drawn lines and traditional painting techniques which are implemented on the computer using an electronic stylus that responds much like a pencil or paintbrush. Unlike much digital art that is available today, these works do not rely on one or two simple Photoshop filters, but instead are created one at a time with many hours of hand work going into each piece. These artworks contain much greater detail than can be shown on the web. Scroll down this page and mouse over portrait images below for more detail, or click here to learn more about the creative process.

chocolate lab photo
Original Photo
chocolate lab art
Mr. Big Paws
11 x 14"

Design note: The painterly style can be created with the bold and rich colors that Art Paw is well known for or we can show you a more tame portrait offering, as shown below (right) with Eddy.

digital pet painting custom pet portrait

car photo
Original Photo
maine coon cat portrait
12 x 12"
cat photo
Original Photo
siamese cat painting
16 x 20"
golden retriever photo
Original Photo
golden retriever art
18 x 24"
cat photo
Original Photo
cat painting
24 x 24"

boston terrier photo
Original Photo



boston terrier art
24 x 36"

american bulldog photo
Original Photo
american bulldog puppy art portrait
34 x 34"
cat photos
Original Photos

cat painting
Bill & Russ
12 x 36"

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