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The Dog Department: James Thurber on Hounds, Scotties, and Talking Poodles
Thurber fans and Scottie lovers everywhere will appreciate this fine collection of the esteemed humorist's canine-related drawings and musings.
The Fala Factor (audio cassette)
Order this "dognapping" story. As Mrs. Roosevelt appears in several scenes, much of the book's success as a listening experience depends upon a faithful rendering of her voice, which most Americans over 40 know well and which Kaminsky manages skillfully.

McDuff Goes to School
Reviewer: Jeanne R. Stanis -
" Two new elements have been added to the wonderful McDuff books: Marie Antoinette who is a charming French Scottie and the use of French phrases for obedience training."
A Treasury of Scottie Dog Collectibles : Identification & Values
This is a guide to the many items produced with the Scottie Dog (Scottish Terrier)image. This is a must have for those of us that collect antique Scottie things. This is our best selling book.

A Treasury of Scottie Dog Collectibles : Identification & Values Volume#3
Volume 3 of this terrific history of Scottie collectibles.

Angus and the Cat
Marjorie Flack
This lovable Scottish terrier has entertained millions since he first appeared in 1930, and now a new generation can enjoy his antics. In this story, Angus is being one-upped by a wily cat. Full-color and b&w.

Angus Lost
Marjorie Flack
Angus is back and he still can't stay out of trouble! In this story, he find himself lost in the middle of the night. Full-color and b&w illustrations.

Angus and the Ducks
Marjorie Flack
I bought an old copy of this book for my husband back when we were dating. I was delighted to find out that the whole series of Angus books is still in print.

The Good Life Begins With A Scottie : The Scottish Terrier Lovers Guide to Deeper Companionship
Joseph Harvill
"The Good Life Begins with A Scottie is a ballad of our breed; not a text,though it is indeed full of much useful information. As A ballad, its stories of real Scotties sing out the spirit of the Scottish Terrier, that large souled. free thinking dog that we can't live without." — Carole Fry Owen, The Centurion
Nessie's Manhatten Holiday
The Nessie books - there are now two available, and a third, "Nessie's California Adventures" is almost ready to be printed - are based on the adventures of a real Scottish terrier, named for [what else?] the Loch Ness monster.

Nessie's Cape Cod Adventure
Nessie is irresistible. Seeing the Cape through a dog's eyes [and eyebrows that always seem to be getting in the way] makes "Nessie's Cape Cod Vacation" a stand-out in an ocean of Cape Cod literature, fun to read for grown-ups and for kids."


Speedy Scottie : Waggy Tales Series
Colorful die-cut board book for kids.


The Adventures of Donnechad's Piper
Edith S. Weigand
An enchanting children's book featuring a Scottish Terrier whose adventures encourage habits and character traits that promote the health, safety, and happiness of young readers, and provide an appealing model for human relationships. The book also teaches responsible pet ownership.

A New Owner's Guide to Scottish Terriers
Richard G. Beauchamp
Perfect resource for the new Scottie owner. This book offers basic information on what life is like when you are owned by a Scottie.

Scottie-Robbie : The Story of a True Champion
Edith S. Weigand
Scottie-Robbie was a brave-hearted dog who had a lot of trouble in his life. Just a little black dog who came from nowhere important, he was a shining example of the die-hard characteristic of Scottish Terriers that inspires the passionate devotion of their people companions.

It Must be Mary Margaret
A book for young children about a Scottish Terrier dog with illustrations. A charming book for bedtime reading.
The Kennel Murder Case on DVD
This terrfic 1933 movie starring William Powel and Mary Astor features Scotties. It's a must have for any true Scottie fan.
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